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Qrew FEATURES - in a nutshell

What makes Qrew Organizer the best booking solution for small and mid-sized production companies?

Extremely Cost effective

Qrew Organizer is carefully balanced to meet your budget and reduces the costs of any freelance booking operation.

Saves everyones time

No other resource management system can beat Qrew when it comes to an easy, fast and simple – yet agile and powerful – workflow.

your data is secure

Resource management is the back-bone of any production operation. With Qrew, there is no risk for loosing vital data.

Great for all

Qrew is not only developed for the booking staff, but also to help your freelancers. A very simple and straight forward portal helps everyone.

"Qrew is hands-down the best booking tool I have ever used"

About Qrew

- the backgorund and the workflow -
Tailor-made by people who actually know what works

The Qrew Organiser web booking tool fills the gap between freelance and resource bookings on esoteric and cumbersome excel sheets, and heavy resource management system that are complicated to own and operate, and has a hefty price tag most companies simply cannot afford. Qrew is developed by people who actually works hands-on as freelance and resource bookers for TV-productions, which undoubtly is one of the many strengths of the team behind it.

  • Step 1 - Create production

    Define production framework - amounts of different freelance functions, duration, allowance and more.

  • Step 2 - Start booking

    Send job requests to freelancers who accepts or declines. Keep track of booking status. Get visual "action needed"-info and uilize other built in workflow tools.

  • Step 3 - Keep everyone updated

    Easily disitribute information, changes and updates to all staff booked for any production. Upload call-sheets or other info that is available at all time for everyone.

  • Step 4 - Report economy

    Generate reports including crew cost for one or more productions with a simple click. Freelancers can generate invoice sheets for easy, error-free billing.

Qrew Applications

What operations can benefit from Qrew Organizer?
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Mixed environments between employees and freelancers. Qrew – the perfect solution to keep everything in one place
Example: Different staff resources can be given different attributes depending on if they are assigned or requested for productions in the system. Employees can be given access to internal production information that freelancers should not.
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Production companies

Typically heavily based on non-employed personell. Qrew is the best solution for booking and overview of freelance staff.
Very powerful, yet simple, booking tool to manage small and large crews for all kinds of productions. Gives project management precise status of booking situation and makes it a breeze keeping everyone updated on the latest information.
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Post-production houses

Not only keep track of your staff, but also allocate hardware and software resources, like for example editing suites.
The integrated booking of people and equipment saves a great amount of time and effort, and gives an unbeatable tool for complete control and overview of all your operation resources.
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Volunteer management – events are often based on a large number of volunteer staff. Qrew is the perfect job allocation and information hub for such occasions.
The web based solution guarantees non-congestion access to information needed by your volunteers. The powerful notification engine in Qrew makes sure your volunteers know what to do next.

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