Qrew Organiser features:


  • Web based – bookers and freelancer can access Qrew from everywhere – no client sofware installation is needed. No congestion for logged in users.
  • User-driven development – Qrew was originally developed by people who actually works hands-on with booking of TV-crews. We know first hand what works in real life, and what doesn’t. An active forum of users keeps our development team busy, adding new functionalities based on customers feedback.
  • Proven technology – the database engine is built on open-source and the web UI is based on widely used standards. No propriertary, costly or potentially unstable software environments.
  • Safe – all our servers are placed in state-of-the-art server rooms, constantly monitored and with complete redundancy. Different backup solutions are provided depending on customers requirement. We truly understand how critical a resource database is for a production operation and takes this very seriously.

For bookers

  • Time-saving – add freelance requests for complete productions in no time!
  • Comprehensive overview – get information on booking status for complete productions, get notified when a freelancer has declined or accepted a job, or a production has been changed. Keep track of personal details.
  • Easily distribute information – separate information only for internal use, keep freelancers updated with the latest info about productions from one place. Release announcements to all users on a non-production basis, or deploy info automatically when a production is over. By a simple click – choose to send email to everyone in a production directly from the web UI. Upload files for Freelancers to access.
  • Create reports – generate from simple production print-outs to hang on the wall, to economical reports on single productions or complete projects to hand over to management.

For Freelancers

  • Notifications – get notified when a new request is made.
  • Always the latest info – any information update is instantly updated on freelancer login. Access the complete crew-list for confirmed productions. Easily make sure that contact details are always up-to-date.
  • Keep track – access confirmed bookings, bookings pending for confirmation and past bookings. Mark a past booking as invoiced and generate billing sheets for all productions done in a month.

For Management

  • Extremely cost-effective solution
  • Saves time for your staff and freelancers
  • Easy economical overview of productions and projects
  • One solution for past, present and future productions.